Facebook Conversions API Explained
04.05.2022 00:35

As browser become more hostile to tracking, users embrace ad blockers and new operating systems (like iOS 14.5) basically disable cross-app tracking, the efficiency of Facebook Pixels starts to wane. That is why Facebook has created the Conversion API.

What is Conversions API?

Conversion API is a Facebook service that allows you to directly tell Facebook what the users on your website are doing. This communication happens directly between your server and the Facebook server, so no matter the cookie settings, ad blockers, or anything else, the information will be received by Facebook.

Why do you need Conversions API?

The previous way of tracking customers has been Facebook Pixel, but because of ad blockers (that all ban Pixel) and modern browser default privacy settings (Safari blocks Pixel by default) the Pixel is not as effective as it used to be. Conversion API sidesteps these problems and ensures that information for improving ad efficiency is received by Facebook.

How does Conversions API work?

Facebook gives you a secret key that you can use to tell Facebook (though simple HTTP requests) what events are happening with your customer. The events are the same events you would use with Pixel. To identify the customer, you send along with the event different identifying information about the customer. The most precise identifiers are Facebook generated ids that you get from Pixel, but you can also send just general information like name and surname (hashed out of course) and Facebook will try to match those to their records.

How to use Conversions API?

There are multiple ways, and this mainly depends on your website setup:

  1. Partner integration. Some platforms, like our Svit.One platform, offer direct integration with Conversion API with minimum setup;

  2. Conversions API Gateway. Facebook sets up a server in front of your server through which all traffic passes. This server is then configured to send events to Facebook;

  3. Manual Code. You can manually code all the events sending on your server.


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