Svit.One CMS is a built-in content management system (CMS) designed primarily for small businesses. Due to close integration with other elements of the platform, our CMS is focused on meeting the needs of businesses in lead generation, digital marketing, integration with social networks and advertising platforms. It is also convenient for blogging, portfolio management and more. A CMS that is customized to your needs.

Websites are no longer just digital brochures; these are marketing machines that work around the clock to help business owners grow.

Svit.One's content management system is essentially software that helps you build a customer-centric website. It will definitely give you a way to create and manage all the digital content that is important to your business.

Modern CMS from Svit.One does much more than just help you encode your web pages.

The low entry barrier and functionality in our CMS offer many benefits to startups, small businesses and big companies.

Here are the key features of our next-generation web content management system to meet your digital marketing needs:

Basic functionality

The CMS on the Svit.One platform performs the basic functions that every modern content management system must perform - adding, editing, deleting and arranging website pages. Sometimes that's all you need to get started - manage your content effectively.

However, it is still helpful to keep in mind your future scaling and how your current needs may change in the near future. And Svit CMS has the answers to that challenge.

Simplicity and ease of use

CMS will give your team members (content creators, designers, developers, marketers and site administrators) opportunities to collaborate effectively.

Quality content editor

Another important aspect of basic functionality - the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor will help you create content without the need for coding skills. It will save you time while updating and maintaining content, making it ideal for anyone working in your business.

It gives users the freedom to create content, but does not allow them to damage the visual style and branding of your website.

The editor has powerful features that allow almost anyone to perform common content editing tasks and even upload and edit images. This is because it works in the same way as document editors in desktop applications such as OpenOffice.

Features of e-commerce and marketing

Digital Marketing Tools - CMS includes ready-made digital marketing tools, features such as:

  • Content personalization

  • Email marketing

  • E-commerce

  • Social media integration

  • Web analytics

  • SEO capabilities


CMS should give your development team the ability to extend the features CMS offers:

  • Special fields

  • Widget editor

  • Templates for quick development

Third-party integration

The philosophy of the Svit.One platform is to provide everything in one place. However, our CMS will give your development team the ability to integrate with other systems, such as:

  • Authentication and single sign-on authentication services

  • Web analytics

  • Social networks, etc.


Your ability to communicate should not be dictated by the technology you use. Make sure your potential CMS shares design and content, and uses best practices.


CMS provides flexibility and creates opportunities to present content in a unique and interesting way.

Clean, fast and easy to use SEO code

To ensure the optimal performance of your website, our CMS generates clean, simple and working code that is easy for search engines.

Microdata support

Microdata, extended snippets or structured data are becoming an increasingly important aspect of any small business SEO strategy, and our Small Business CMS provides the ability to integrate microdata tags.


Time is money. Our CMS allows you to not only streamline and optimize content creation, but also reduce operating costs. A simple, secure CMS requires less maintenance and reduces usage costs.


We take security seriously.


Our CMS offers a variety of support levels, from basics such as extensive user guides and documentation, to more advanced support options such as video tutorials, certification, and live support staff.

User management

If your CMS platform will be used by several people, from a copywriter to a marketer and from an SEO specialist to IT support, you can assign the right role to everyone on the platform.

We implement a combination of key features that are still crucial and add-ons that can enhance your experience. Even if you don't need all of these features at once, they can be useful in the long run. Our CMS for your business meets your current and future expectations.

It is important to know that Svit.One's content management systems are constantly evolving.

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