Tasks/Todo list


Simple user interface - Simple, easy, and fun to use - you'll want to use our productivity tool.

Reorder tasks - Easily change the order of tasks in your list.

Prioritization - The main function of time management. It is important to be able to separate important tasks from smaller ones.

Quick input/capture - always ready to quickly capture a random task to allow you to add a task and throw it out of your head.

Images or files in tasks - Sometimes a photo is a great way to add tasks to a list.

Synchronization - Ability to synchronize on all platforms and places where the user works.

Today’s To-do list - Ability to focus only on your main tasks for today.

Upcoming Tasks - The to-do list tool remembers that you don't have to. Tasks have the ability to send tasks to a date in the future and then remain unattended until that date.

Voice recording - Voice commands are one of the fastest ways to interact with our devices on the go. In development, we are working on it.

On every platform - Your to-do list will be wherever you are. Regardless of the device or platform. The tool from Svit.One is available for most platforms.

Beautiful interface - A visually appealing tool that looks good and is readable.

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