Svit.One App

Svit.One is a specialized mobile application designed exclusively for Svit.One users to seamlessly integrate call logs, information, and leads directly into the Svit.One CRM system. It is also designed to receive information from the CRM to the app for use on the go.

Key Features:

Automatic Call Logging: Automatically save details about incoming and outgoing calls to your Svit.One CRM.

Multi-Device and Multi-Channel Integration: Receive information about calls on other devices and communication made through different channels, as well as contact information from Svit.One CRM.

How It Works:

Set Up: Ensure you have an internet connection. Log in with your Svit.One credentials.

Sync Data: The app will automatically sync your call data to the CRM and receive call information, communications data from other channels, and contact information, ensuring everything is up-to-date in your Svit.One app.

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