Simple and powerful site - How to build
24.12.2021 23:33

Creating a working website is not as difficult as it seems. It is important to answer a few questions from your visitors. Here are the main questions that potential customers of any business are looking for answers to.

  • Do I need what is offered here?

  • Is this company just for me?

  • Will this solve my problem?

  • Can this team be trusted?

  • Are they experts in their field?

You will need five web pages to answer these questions.

1. Do I need this?

Did I get where I needed to go? The answer should be on the main (home) page. Describe clearly and concisely what you do, and what promises you make. The proposal should be simple and clear. The potential customer must understand and feel that he needs your services.

2. Is it for me?

Does this business serve people like me? Does it suit me for the price, for example? Who is your business primarily focused on? To end consumers or businesses? If for enterprises, for which? As a rule, the answer to this question is given on the page with prices. Here you can specify what the client will receive and for what money?

3. Will this solve my problem?

Will this solve my problem with all my nuances? To do this, you will need a page where you describe all the features of your offer. This is like an expanded version of the previous two pages - the main page and the page with tariff plans. Here you need to speak the language of your customers and describe in detail all aspects of your product or solution.

4. Can this team be trusted?

Who will solve my problem? The answer can be found on the About Us page. If the customer is going to choose your product or solution, he wants to be sure that the investment of time and money will not be in vain. He must trust the team, make sure that the company does not disappear, and that it is reliable.

5. Are they experts in their field?

Are they experts? And are they promising partners for the future? The easiest way to convince potential customers of this is to blog. Consumers need to see that you are deeply immersed in your professional field and that you understand the details. You need to inform through the blog that you are using the latest developments in your industry. Here you have to show that you are an innovator.


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