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27.01.2022 16:12

In short: Svit.One website builder closes the time gap between thinking of an idea and implementing it in practice.

The Svit.One platform is a tool that simplifies the way you approach web design, web development, and customer management. Which in turn opens up new opportunities for your business to grow quicker.

The flexibility of Svit.One allows you to solve a number of problems that hinder the development of digital agency in the field of web design. It is powerful enough to be the backbone of your development department.

Features of the Svit.One platform

A sharp reduction in web development time

Create more value for your customers by significantly reducing development time, in turn freeing up more time for other tasks such as design, content marketing, and SEO. The design on the Svit.One platform is adaptive by default, so it is easy to create sites for mobile devices and desktops at the same time.

Eliminate the abyss between the prototype and the final website

Most customers may find it difficult to imagine a live website from static layouts. The static 2D layout tells only half the story, leaving out all the interactive elements that set great websites apart from regular ones.

Live prototyping on Svit.One eliminates conjectures and allows your customers to test the design before approving it. The fact that you can quickly provide your customers with a living prototype for interaction will increase their confidence in your work and set more specific and equal expectations for both you and the customer.

Faster iterations during the design review and approval process

Svit.One allows you to complete web development projects faster - without compromising quality. You will offer initial projects to your clients in a few days or even hours, not weeks. And you can easily implement the changes required by your customers, bringing the final product closer to launch and reducing the time between development iterations and customer approval.

Prototyping with Svit.One means you can make design and content changes in one environment and run them in real-time with one click. Instead of sending static layouts to your client, you can create a live site to view, make real-time changes, and complete the approval process in no time.

Special Client Content Management System (CMS)

Allow customers to update the content at any time with Svit.One CMS.

With Svit.One CMS you can choose which elements the client can configure and modify so that they are not afraid to break anything.

Create landing pages faster and easier

Landing pages an important role in any marketing campaign and Svit.One is a powerful tool for creating them based on available or your templates.

More capabilities. Discover your creativity online

Create completely custom, ready-to-host websites - without writing a line of code. Svit.One gives designers tools to create their unique interactions. As the latest tools and techniques become more accessible to creative people, the boundaries of what is possible are pushed.

Prototyping and web development with Svit.One gives designers direct access to the final product, changing the current development paradigm and helping designers to discover their creativity directly on the Internet, without mediation.

Better accuracy between layouts and live site

When your designers work at Svit.One, they can create ready-to-publish, pixel-perfect designs on their own, closing the gap between design and development.

Goodbye plugins

Content Management System plugins have become the leading solution for adding site functionality needed to develop your own version.

But anyone who has actually run a site full of plugins can tell you a horror story. Plugins have expiration dates. They require constant updates. In addition, plugins may require micro-management, may behave unpredictably, and their support may be completely discontinued.

A lack of plugins for the customer means fewer worries and a more stable end product. Everything you need for the site is already present in the Svit.One system.

More time and time is money

By reducing time for both design and web development, your agency will have more resources for your business. More time means more opportunities for growth.

Less required specialization

Svit.One allows your team members to easily design and develop at the same time. This can help you save money and enable your new designer/developer to complete projects, reducing the complexity of workflows.

Happier customers

Svit.One not only optimizes the design process - it can also improve your customer relationships. Faster execution time can mean faster market entry, you will be able to open more opportunities for your customers.

Happy customers are regular customers. Using Svit.One for design and web development provides the future of their websites for redesign, updates, and changes.

Convenient and effective support

We improve Svit.One constantly increasing the value for your customers. With the Svit.One platform, you don't have to worry about updates or the introduction of the latest technologies. However, over time, customers will need to redo something or add new functionality - it's easy to do.

Direct invoicing to the client

With the billing system, you can automatically bill your customers for site administration. Your customer will then receive a unique link to make a secure payment online. This is an extremely handy tool for resolving overdue payments when using invoices.

Not a website, but a marketing machine for your customers

To be honest, your customers don't need a site for the sake of the site. One of the main reasons why small, medium and corporate customers choose Svit.One platform is that in addition to website design, it offers a universal marketing platform that includes email marketing, CRM, workflow automation, sales tools, and more tools needed to do business.

Develop your agency through innovation!

You need to constantly innovate to stay competitive and promote healthy growth. Using Svit.One can be the next big innovation that makes your agency stand out in the market.


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